Tim FletcherDr. Tim Fletcher is an associate professor in physical education pedagogy in the Department of Kinesiology at Brock University.  Dr. Fletcher’s research focuses on two major lines of inquiry: teacher socialization and self-study of teacher education practices.  Dr. Fletcher is interested in the ways that reflecting on experience can inform how teachers learn to teach as well as how it can help his own learning about becoming a teacher educator.  Dr. Fletcher has a number of publications in peer-reviewed journal articles, books and monographs.  More information about Dr. Fletcher’s research may be found here.


Dr. Déirdre Ní ChróinínDr. Déirdre Ní Chróinín is a senior lecturer in physical education at Mary Immaculate College. Dr. Ní Chróinín’s research interests are in teacher education in elementary physical education and on the place and meaning of physical education, physical activity and sport in children’s lives.  Dr. Ní Chróinín is also involved in self-study research reflecting upon her own practices.  Dr. Ní Chróinín has a number of publications in peer-reviewed journal articles. For more information about Dr. Ní Chróinín’s research click here.


Dr. Mary O'SullivanProfessor Mary O’Sullivan is based at the University of Limerick. Professor O’Sullivan’s research has focused on physical education teacher education and improving students’ attitudes toward and participation in physical activity.  Professor O’Sullivan has also conducted research in life history of teachers and children’s narratives on sport and physical education for the design and delivery of school and community physical activity programs.  Professor O’Sullivan has a number of publications in peer reviewed journals as well as a book and monographs in the area of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.  Professor O’Sullivan has also founded the Physical Education, Physical Activity and Youth Sport (PEPAYS) Research Centre at the University of Limerick.  To learn more about Professor O’Sullivan’s research click here.


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Stephanie Beni is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, Norway. Her research interests lie primarily in understanding the ways young people experience meaningfulness in physical education and identifying practical tools by which physical education teachers can foster meaningful experiences for students. In addition, she enjoys studying her own practice and the process of supporting teachers in their professional learning.


elem_gleddie-dougDr. Doug Gleddie is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. He teaches physical education curriculum and pedagogy to undergraduate students. He also teaches graduate courses in health and physical education, reflective practice, physical literacy and research methods. Dr. Gleddie’s research foci include: narratives of physical education; school sport; physical literacy praxis; meaningful physical education and; teacher education. Dr. Gleddie has a number of publications including peer reviewed journal articles, books and also writes a blog. More information about Dr. Gleddie’s research can be found here.


Ciara GriffinCiara Griffin is a qualified primary school teacher and completed her MA research in primary physical education at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. Ciara’s research interests are in identifying pedagogies that foster and support meaningful physical education experiences for children and used self-study research to investigate her own practice. Ciara also works as a research assistant on the LAMPE project.


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Adam Carter is an undergraduate student studying physical education at Brock University.  Adam works as a research assistant on the LAMPE project and has been leading the development of pedagogical cases focused on meaningful physical education.




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Caitlin Price is a qualified intermediate/senior teacher and completed her MA research in Health and Physical Education at Brock University. Caitlin’s research interests involve exploring how pre-service physical education teachers find and make meaning from their own physical activity experiences. She is also interested in investigating the extent to which pre-service teachers’ understanding of their own meaning-making shapes their beliefs about teaching physical education. Caitlin worked as a research assistant on the LAMPE project.



caleb-lampe-pictureCaleb Chee is a qualified junior/intermediate teacher and completed his MA in Applied Health Sciences at Brock University. Caleb’s research interest is in identifying and fostering positive social interaction in a physical education setting as an aspect of meaningfulness, and how pre-service teachers’ previous experiences shape their understanding of positive social interaction. Caleb worked as a research assistant on the LAMPE project.