Next Steps for Meaningful Physical Education Practice and Research

The LAMPE blog has been a little quiet recently but we are hoping to add some new content over the months ahead as our projects develop. We have several things on the go and wanted to update readers on what we are doing and why.

As you may know we continue to add to our suite of pedagogical cases focused on meaningful physical education, where we are trying to create somewhat authentic representations of what meaningful physical education looks like or could look like in action. We still have a few of these we are hoping to post in the coming months.

Our work focused on university teacher educators’ practices has taken some twists and turns in promising directions. We have worked with Richard Bowles (@rbowlesoola), Maura Coulter (@MauraColt) and Doug Gleddie (@doug_gleddie) to see if the LAMPE practices Déirdre, Tim and Mary worked to develop could be understood, expanded, and refined to other teacher educators working in different courses and different contexts. We’ll have some updates on the outcomes of that work soon but for people who might be going to AERA in Toronto in April, PHE Canada in Montreal in May, or AIESEP in June, you can get a sneak peak as we’re presenting bits and pieces of the data at those conferences. We’ll update our presentations page in due course. It has been fantastic to expand the LAMPE team and learn from and with each other on this arm of the project.

The main objectives we are pursuing with meaningful physical education have shifted from sites of teacher education and into schools. We have been able to do this with funding from the Irish Teaching Council and from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. In Ireland we ran a pilot study using ideas from Stephanie Beni’s and Ciara Griffin’s work, working with several teachers to try to make meaningful physical education an enacted priority in their physical education classrooms. We are analysing data from that work and hope to share that soon. This in turn has informed what we are doing in Canada, where we have begun working with two cohorts of teachers in Ontario (led by @StephBeni) and Alberta (led by @doug_gleddie and @JodiKuriger), introducing features and pedagogies of meaningful physical education to them. Our aim is to work with teachers to refine and modify our current ideas based on their experiences and the realities of working in schools. Our communications with @andyvasily on his blog, podcast and twitter give some idea of what this might look like – the work Andy and his team are doing at KAUST has been invaluable in offering innovative ideas and new directions for meaningful PE. Over the next few years we hope to add cohorts across the several different sites we are working with, using teachers’ and students’ experiences with hopes to create a coherent idea of how meaningful experiences might be provided with intention and regularity.

In the next post, we’ll share some preliminary ideas shaping our approach to meaningful physical education in primary schools. As always, any feedback or suggestions are most welcome, particularly from teachers who would like to share their experiences.

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