AIESEP 2016 In Review

To the faithful followers of the LAMPE blog who may have noticed our silence this past month, we do apologize: the LAMPE team has been preparing presentations for the AIESEP 2016 conference in Laramie, Wyoming, the Australian Teacher Education Association conference in Ballarat, Australia, and the 11th International Self-Study (or Castle) Conference in Herstmonceux, UK.  Last week we presented our papers at the AIESEP conference. First, let us say what a pleasure it was to attend the AIESEP conference and to hear from so many scholars in our field on a wide variety of topics.  Hats off to the many presenters and keynote speakers who delivered insightful presentations on their research efforts.

The LAMPE team was lucky enough to present our two papers back-to-back, allowing one to inform the next. In the first presentation, Meaningful experiences in physical education and youth sport: A review of the literature, Steph summarized a recent literature review we conducted.  The review highlighted five factors that influence the meaningfulness participants derive from physical education and youth sport settings and showed a great deal of support for Kretchmar’s (2006) criteria for meaningful experiences (which we have discussed in previous blog posts). Two of the themes identified in the review, challenge and personally relevant learning, were discussed in the presentation highlighting the importance of fostering learning experiences that are adequately challenging and in which explicit connections between what is being taught in physical education and life beyond the classroom are drawn.

In the second presentation, Pedagogies to support learning about meaningful physical education (LAMPE)we outlined a number of pedagogies we have identified through some of the recent work Tim and Déirdre have been doing in their working with prospective physical education teachers and coaches.  We call for the facilitation of meaningful movement experiences as the prioritized filter for pedagogical decision-making and suggest four ways physical education teacher educators may assist PETE students in doing so.  Feel free to click on the links provided here or visit the Presentations page to view the slides from each presentation.

In addition to our own presentations, we sat in on a number of excellent presentations in the days that followed and enjoyed some trips to the Snowy Range Mountains and Vedauwoo recreation area with many other conference participants.  Special thanks to the AIESEP committee and the University of Wyoming for the wonderful experiences and great memories.  Until next time.


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